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Friday, April 4, 2008

More pics before the veto went down.

James starts with Adam in the kitchen on reasons that he shouldn't be put on the block as he has never done anything to Adam.

Adam goes up to his HOH while James is called into the DR

Ryan follows Adam up to HOH then calls Nat to let her know James has gotten into Adam ear.

Ryan says what would you do that then the numbers switch and they have the power. James takes Sharon down and BOOM either me or Nat go home!

Adam is now realising what they are saying and it's all coming clear to him.

Ryan gets called to the DR and leaves HOH with parting words of we are the crew don't split us up.

James out of the diary room goes up to HOH and says OK you know how the DR throws pros and cons to us! Well I just feel I need to say my side. James keeps asking Adam "what have I ever done to you personally?"

Nat walks in: Nat tells James your word just can't be trusted!

Ryan enters: Nat tells James you told me you wouldn't use the veto on Josh then after you won you said you were going to!

Ryan calls James a liar and a hypocrite

04-03-08 4:00pm bbt Adam tells Ryan and Natalie, James won't use veto if he wins it to save Sharon.

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