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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nat tells the girls!

Josh comes outside just to inform the boys "see the girls are all up there now" It's going to be girls against guys! Ryan asks Josh and where are you at? Josh tells him I have a penis so I'm a boy!

Josh assures the boys this is the right decision look they are all up there. Sharon will never put James up!

Natalie informs Sharon of Josh's plan to back door her! Natalie told Sharon this is the 3rd time Sharon! We need to get Josh out!

Sharon is completely thrown off guard that Natalie has told her that Josh is working with Natalie, Ryan, and James to switch sides and evict Sharon. Sharon says really, this makes it a lot easier letting Josh go!

Sharon gets very angry that Josh has gone behind her back and is campaigning for her eviction.

Sharon can't believe that Josh has yet again betrayed her!

Sharon tells Natalie we need to get Shelia!

Shelia is appalled that Josh has thrown Sharon under the bus yet again! Shelia also adds us girls better stick together they are going to pick us off one by one otherwise!

Natalie tells the girls I listen to them and tell you girls!

Shelia says Ryan can't be trusted!

03-28-08 Nat tells the girls we have to stick to the plan, don't say a WORD! Natalie tells them I will work on Adam I will make this work!

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