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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Alot going on all at once!

While Sharon is downstairs crying that her and Josh will be separated Josh is upstairs swearing on a bible that he will throw HOH, keep Nat off the block, work with her and also throwing in James will as well!

Josh takes more opportunity to throw Sharon under the bus as he has all week and also promises Natalie complete safety! Josh also lets her know that James plans on talking to her tonight so he can confirm all deals!

In the event there is a tie Natalie keeps her options open for safety! She tells Josh if it is a tie she will keep him, she just needs to make sure that if she does James better keep his word.

The boys grill Shelia on her flip flopping skills and question her on her what she plans to do! They let her know they know EVERYTHING, we know all about Charlies Angels!

Shelia does a good job knocking down everything the boys are saying. She let's them know what they are saying is disgusting and to do what they want! Shelia let's them know the Charlie's Angel thing was a joke and throws the boys club and bible thumpers at them!

Nat comes outside hearing what the boys are saying and seems a tad concerned. She gets called into the DR and parts with saying "My side is out here!"

After giving Shelia all kinds of hell, Ryan tells Nat we were just messing with Shelia you know that right? Nat says yes and Ryan confirms they are still on with the plan!

04-01-08 2:45pm bbt After Josh leaves the HOH room with Natalie he goes downstairs to have a tender moment with Sharon! Sharon who is honestly sad.

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